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Welcome to Arise

Sports Medicine


Do you take insurance?

Not at this time. We are a cash based practice, but are happy to discuss payment options with you. 

How many visits will I need?

Each person is unique in terms of both body and pain or injury. There are no set number of visits we provide you. We work to improve your mobility and function to get you back to doing the things you love as quickly as possible.

What can I expect on my first visit?

First, you would fill out some quick paperwork to get started before having a personal consultation with Dr. Parker. She will perform range of motions tests and figure out the issue before doing any hands on treatment. If there are any red flags, any adjustments will be put off until further tests can be done. 

What is myofascial release?

This hands-on treatment is used to release tension of the fascia, which is tissue that covers the muscles, bones, nerves and organs. Applied pressure (by hand) to a muscle or connective tissue helps restore motion and eliminates pain.

How is dry needling different from acupuncture? 

They use the same tools, but they have different approaches to treatment. Dry needling looks at pain patterns and movement (western medicine) while acupuncture is based on eastern medicine. Both naturally help with circulation and  tightness. 

Everyone's visit may be different so we don't have a set time. On average the first visit may range between forty-five minutes and an hour. Any visit after that is usually fifteen to twenty minutes. 

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How long are the visits?


Take the time to give us a call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Parker.

See you soon

We will see you soon for your appointment. Please reach out with any questions. 

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