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Let’s talk about Numbers:

8.6 million

Average number of sports and  recreation related injuries each year according to the CDC


Number of sports injuries that account for low-grade strains, sprains, or tears 


Average number of organized sports injuries that occur within a practice setting 

Sports rehabilitation care for athletes

When it comes to sports and physical activities, indoor or outdoor, one of the primary hurdles athletes face after injury is losing their range of motion. We are here to help you regain that fully, while also helping to alleviate any aches or pains. We offer natural care and solutions that go beyond chiropractic adjustments and work to improve a variety of sports injuries including shoulders, knees and ankles.  


Pain Relief

Our care helps to relax the muscles, remove aches and pains, and remove tension and inflammation within the body. Taking care of soft-tissue is important when it comes to sports injuries, and our expertise helps us to care for soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal injuries in a safe, effective manner.  



As an athlete, there is nothing more important than performance and function. We provide natural techniques like myofacial release and dry needling to help improve circulation, restore motion, and optimize your performance. Individualized care is important to us in order to help meet your expectation for the fastest road to recovery.  



We not only help rehabilitate your injury, whether it is a shoulder or knee injury, but we work to provide prevention care as well. We understand the importance of flexibility and range of motion as an athlete, and we're here to serve you so you can compete at your highest level without future injury or accident. 

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