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Dr. Kirsten Parker's  Story

Dr. Kirsten Parker is a lifelong resident of Florence, Texas who graduated from Florence High School in 2012. After high school, she moved to Huntsville, Texas to attend Sam Houston State where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Heath Science in 2016. From there, she attended Parker University in Dallas to earn her doctorate in chiropractic.

She started rodeo at a young age and competed all the way through college as a member of the Sam Houston State Rodeo Team. During her time in college, she started to get involved in CrossFit.

After sustaining an injury to her left shoulder, her mindset changed on the body and its ability to heal itself.


Chiropractic and acupuncture were the only methods that helped treat the injury after trying physical therapy and steroid injections. Her fascination with sports injuries and rehab grew from there.

Her goal is to keep people healthy and continue or start their active lifestyle.

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