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Rehabilitate from sports injuries, chronic pain, or post surgical procedures 

Hi! Happy you found us.

Our purpose is to provide individualized care to help people recover from injury and to reach full mobility with optimal function.


Serving athletes to post operative patients and everyone in-between, Arise Sports Medicine is here to help Georgetown and the surrounding communities compete at their absolute best. 


​We use chiropractic care as a natural hands on solution for pain or injury, getting to the root cause and realigning the body so it can perform at it's best. 

Sports Medicine

We work not only to treat but also to prevent any orthopedic injuries related to sports or exercise by finding the underlying cause and applying natural solutions. 

Injury Rehab

We're here to help each person and athlete rehabilitate or recover from natural wear and tear or sports related injuries that come along with being physically active.  

Get to Know 

Dr. Parker

Dr. Kirsten Parker has been an athlete her whole life and is a lifelong resident of Florence, Texas. Her involvement in the rodeo at a young age opened up many opportunities for her, but after recovering from a shoulder injury, she shifted her mindset on how the body heals itself. Chiropractic and acupuncture were the only things that helped and her passion for sports medicine was born. 

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Feel the difference

Arise Sports Medicine provides excellent care for amateur and world class athletes across the region. Professionalism combined with passion to help people reach their goals, is why Dr. Kirsten Parker is the go-to chiropractor in Georgetown and surrounding areas. 

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